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I shoot with medium format film; I call it slow photography. I don't take hundreds of images, I take the images that count.

I want to create art that you and your family will enjoy for generations. A little quirky, a lot of fun.

Having actual photographs of mom, grandpa, kids and yourself for future generations matters. I think we may have forgotten the importance of the printed image. We look at so many pictures every day and carry around digital photo albums in our phones that, I think, we are a bit desensitized to the impact imagery can have.  

Images of grandma in her home surrounded by her hobbies and a life well lived will be cherished. How about having your portrait taken, for those that love you. 

Photographic prints truly are family treasures. 

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Let's talk about having your portrait taken. Contact me here with photo shoot inquiries. 

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I am based in San Diego, Ca.

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