Watch them grow… 5, 9,  and 17

A benefit of being a photographer is when you are asked to return, years later to photograph family members. It feels like going home and that makes me all warm and fuzzy.


Having actual photographs of mom, grandpa, and yourself for future generations matters; it’s very important. I think we may have forgotten the importance of the printed image. We look at so many pictures every day and carry around digital photo albums in our phones that, I think, we are a bit desensitized to the impact imagery can have.  

Let’s talk about photographing grandma in her home surrounded by her hobbies and a life well lived. Let’s talk about having your portrait taken, for those that love you. Photographic prints truly are family treasures. 

I’d like to be your portrait photographer. 


Over the years, photographing families as they grow and the kids grow-up has been a favorite part of this work. An only child gets a sibling; a family of three becomes a family of five; your baby is now a really cool pre-teen (it can happen 😉); suddenly it’s time for senior pictures; anniversaries; just because. So many reasons to document your family. 

Some family members I’m looking forward to photographing are grandma and grandpa. What a gift portraits of them will be to a family. 

Wall portraits are so cool, I love creating them. 

Get in touch with me (on the contact page) to discuss the details of a portrait session… no reason needed.


Making mistakes; sometimes I feel this is my full-time job. I have a knack for taking a small mistake and turning it into a full blown catastrophe (I beat myself up about it and then throw in the towel because I can’t do anything right)-anyone with me on this? So during this seemingly never-ending lockdown in California, I’ve used the time to work on myself, to give myself a little pep-talk.  

I am ENOUGH, just as I am.

5,4,3,2,1… I’m excited!

Trust your gut.

Those are the three big take-aways for me. The I am ENOUGH one took a while to get through, but you know what? It’s true. I am also capable of making myself better by continuing to learn and continuing to make better choices. 5,4,3,2,1 was a total game changer. It allows me to gain control of my emotions before they take over. With that five second pause I am able to switch off the negative talk inside my head and change it to being excited about something. Trust your gut. We’ve all heard that a million times, but when I heard a woman talk about how she followed her gut when all the “experts” told her to do the opposite and her choice was the correct choice, it was like I heard it for the first time. 

I learned about the 5 Second rule by Mel Robbins in a Creative Live online class about how to get your shit together (Ha!). I don’t remember the actual name of the course but it was close to that. I sought out more Mel Robbins and really liked the straight forward, no BS way about her.

What does all this have to do with photography? With these new lessons I’m taking pictures again and I’m forgiving myself when things aren’t perfect. I like capturing images of people and I am allowing myself to do it again, with TLC… and I am enjoying it.


When I was young I wanted to be a model (don’t laugh). When I knew that wasn’t going to happen I thought of being a fashion designer; then it became fashion photographer. 

As a teenager in the 80’s I knew all the designers and the models names. This was well before celebrity models. I learned to recognize their faces and sometimes magazines would print their names. I spent all of my money on fashion magazines, particularly European magazines, which I would find in Los Angeles (not so much in San Diego). I remember throwing down $40 on an Italian Vogue once! That was a lot of money for a magazine -still is. 

At art school I still thought I wanted to shoot fashion, but it ended up not being a good fit for me. Well, I was insecure so I didn’t like that fashion shoots had teams of people on set, it made me nervous. So instead, I started shooting food and objects- just me and a bowl of fruit. Then I moved on to portraits because I really like photographing people, I like getting a crooked smile or a laugh with closed eyes. 

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