Family Portraits Over Time

Photographing families as they grow and the kids grow-up is a favorite part of this work. It’s an honor to be asked back year after year to photograph milestones and new-comers.

As Families Grow

An only child gets a sibling; a family of three becomes a family of five; your baby is now a really cool pre-teen (it can happen 😉); suddenly it’s time for senior pictures; anniversaries; just because. So many reasons to document your family. 

Generational Portraits

Some family members I am personally looking forward to photographing are grandma and grandpa. What a gift printed portraits of them will be to a family. Capturing grandpa’s hands that made the rocking horse you played with as a child, photographing grandma in the apron she nearly always wears, these are the images I long to capture. Memories that can be preserved forever in a portrait that proudly hangs on the wall.

The Printed Portrait

Wall portraits are so cool, I love creating them and I believe they become family treasures. Get in touch with me to discuss the details of a portrait session… no special milestone needed.

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