Film Photography

I shoot film, specifically medium format film. In the early 2000’s I used a digital camera for a while. I enjoyed it, there were definite benefits (instant gratification, simple editing routine, taking lots of shots). I have never owned a digital camera, so when I returned the camera I had been using I thought I would buy one. As time went on however, I realized I wanted to go back to shooting film. 

Why I like film

I like the process of shooting film and I like the way it looks. The process is a bit slower. You have to change out rolls of film and of course send the film to a lab for developing. The film is then scanned and returned to me as a digital file. I know that seems weird -why not just shoot digital? To be honest, I just don’t want to shoot digital right now. I  like the quality and grain of film and the medium format film I use is great for printing large images. 

Slowing down

Sometimes it feels like everything is rushed and that everyone expects results immediately. The reality is we’ve been conditioned to expect it. Twenty-four hours a day the world is open to us through our computers and phones. Well, I am embracing a slower pace; the loading of film, winding to the next frame, talking with clients in between rolls. Exchanging emails with updates on the film and then the prints. For me, it creates a connection; being involved in the process is part of the joy. I call it slow photography.

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