I Like People

People are kinda awesome, each of us in our own particular way. 

Capturing a moment of rest or excitement -I like them both.

Span the generations

I think it’s so important to have printed photographs of ones family for future generations. Such mementos  allow for us to reflect on life and share memories. 

Older gentleman with white hair sitting at a table on his front porch
Young girl wearing a pink tutu jumping through the air in her messy bedroom
At he beach a father throws his young daughter in the air and catches her.

For your loved ones

Consider setting up a time for a portrait session. Maybe you want your picture taken or you want a photograph of your mother; send me a note and let’s make it happen. I know only it’s September 17th, but there are 14 Fridays left before Christmas -yikes! 

Either way, be sure to add your email to my mailing list, so you can be the first to know about photo shoot specials and any good stuff that happens.

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