Photographing Children As They Grow

Watch them grow… 5, 9,  and 17

It Feels Like Home

A benefit of being a photographer is when you are asked to return years later to photograph a family member. It feels like going home and that makes me all warm and fuzzy. 

Personal Interests Add Character

As children grow and interests are defined it gives me more to work with. I like incorporating hobbies with a persons portrait, it adds a special something that the subject and family recognize immediately. Take the young woman in the photo’s. She enjoyed swimming and started playing water polo and participating in Junior Lifeguards, she also played beach volleyball. Water and the beach played a huge part in who she is. At nine years-old she was always in the swimming pool, so I hung around the home for an afternoon while she and her sisters played and eventually got that great shot of her. The colors in the towel and pool water are awesome and that intense stare of hers was still there. Fast forward eight years and she was graduating from high school -her local beach and lifeguard tower were obvious choices for her senior shoot location… and again that intense stare, which I love. 

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