Always evolving

There are many things and people I want to photograph, so many in fact that I freeze up and don’t do any of it. In an attempt to get out of the freeze I take a camera and go somewhere, Balboa Park is a favorite. I’m also making myself take more photo’s with my iPhone. The act of photographing something in the moment is making me get over myself, somewhat. Meeting new people and going to new places will hopefully make me a more interesting photographer.


I’ve visited Ventura a few times in the recent past and I’ve enjoyed exploring the area. My photo’s from there have been of buildings, neighborhoods, but only few people so far. Generally, I don’t know where I’m headed, so I drive and stop when something catches my eye. 

Abandoned building in Ventura, Ca. with hills and blue sky behind.
Industrial building, tree lined street.
Mountains of Ventura California, with blue sky and white clouds.


Even though I haven’t photographed many people (only two) while in Ventura, I’m still looking at everyone; shop owners, tourists and locals. I like to think about how I would shoot their portraits. I just need to jump in and ask a few folks if I can photograph them.

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