Young girl standing near two brown fences with her arms holding on to the top of the fences. She is wearing a red shirt with flowers, blue jeans and a scarf in her hair.
Father wearing shorts and no shoes tossing his young daughter who wears a dress and no shoes in the air while at the beach.
Young woman in a yellow dress and Levi jacket standing in a field of yellow flowers with blue sky above.
Black and white image of a small poodle standing on a vintage metal bench placed in front  of a flowering tree in a backyard.
Mom, grandmother, American, family, art, portrait, flag, Southern California, San Diego, mother, Bethany Jensen photographer
Young girl sitting in front of a colorful, vintage scarf backdrop in a messy room. Wearing a t-shirt and shorts she smiles directly at the camera.
Black and white photograph of two palm trees
A bearded man in a top hat and suspenders hold a cane while sitting in a chair and looks directly at the camera.
Black and white photograph of a man in a Hawaiian shirt holding a small dog in his arms while in the backyard amongst a wall covered in ivy.
Family of three sitting on a picnic bench and laughing. No one is looking at the camera, all a re wearing blue jeans and fall sweaters.
A silver haired woman sits in a light blue chair with a tapestry on the wall behind her and a shelf full of books above her. She wears a white t-shirt and bold framed glasses.
A husband and wife laugh and embrace while sitting on a park bench.
A young girl wears an apron while scratching her head and laughing as she stands in front of vibrant green trees and bushes.
A young woman in a t-shirt and blue jeans sits on the front stairs to a house, surrounded by green plants, and a fence in front of her.
Dog on a leash sits on the grass, in the shade, while the leash goes out of the picture frame.
Young boy wearing a baseball cap hold a chicken while standing in front go a large chicken coop.
Young woman stands under a wooden pair wearing her high school letterman jacket laughing with her eyes closed and showing her braces.
Black and white photo of two palm trees and the top floor of an old white building.
Husband and wife sit on their back porch and embrace.
Young girl stands on her bright pink bed surrounded by colorful stuffed animals. She wears a white t-shirt and bright pink fluency skirt and stares directly at the camera.
A woman stands in front of a vintage scarf backdrop. She is wearing a blue dress with a red heart pin on her chest. She is laughing with her mouth open and her eyes closed.
Mother and daughter embrace while in a park setting. Both are wearing all black and their arms are intertwined and they smile at the camera.
A bouquet of orange ranunculus flowers in a large, square, white pot sitting off center.
Two young boys at a car show standing in front of a custom car. Each boy wears blue jeans and no shirt, both are wearing baseball caps. One has a Budweiser belt buckle.
Young girl faces directly at the camera wrapped in a brightly colored beach towel stands in from of a swimming pool and a messy backyard scene.
Black and white photo of a young boy jumping in the air in front of a wall of bamboo with bright streaks of sun falling across him and his hair in motion as he faces directly at the camera.
Black and white photo of a young boy jumping in the air in front of a wall of bamboo with streaks of bright sun falling on him. He faces away from the camera and there is movement in his body.
Young woman wears a bright yellow dress and brown cowboy boots while standing in front of a green picket fence and house.She looks off camera with one hand on her hip.
Black and while photograph of lady slipper plants against as plain white wall.
Young girls leaning against a fence, wearing jeans and an apron top with one hand in a back pocket. She stares directly at the camera.
Young woman in a park setting wears a patterned dress and cropped black sweater stares into the camera while holding on to a branch of a tree.
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